about I am a mother of two beautiful children, a wife and a business woman. Samantha, my eldest, a bright and funny special needs child, loves the excitement, hustle and bustle of the house when full of boarding puppies. My son, Nathan, also loves the house filled with dogs and enjoys helping mum dish out the kibble.

In 2009, my family was blessed with Moose, who at 5 years old, is a 48kg bull mastiff cross Rhodesian ridgeback. Moose is a calm, well-adjusted dog that loves the company of all our guests, no matter how many legs! I enjoy volunteering with Assistance Dogs Australia, opening my busy family home to help with the socialising of their puppies before they are sent to their puppy raisers. It is essential these puppies get much needed care, love, training and attention. Once trained, they go on to provide invaluable assistance to people with disabilities.

As a pet dog trainer, I see many families who don’t foresee the challenges of adding a puppy to their home. Families adjust better when they know how to manage their puppies and appropriately involve everyone in Training The Family Dog. The bond between the family and the dog can suffer if unsuitable methods are used. I believe I provide a realistic way for busy families to include and train their dog(s). Teaching families how to communicate effectively with their dog will establish a happy environment for all.

  • Helping create an environment where families enjoy their dogs and Dogs enjoy their families
  • Offer training related to everyday life situations, helping make your dog a well-mannered and a welcome member of your family.
  • Ensure the wellbeing of your dog.
  • Assisting owners to better understand their dog and the way they learn.
  • Helping create a trusting home for your dog
  • Improve your understanding of dog behaviour and responsible pet dog ownership
  • Promoting a relationship of trust, reliability, protection and respect

  • Government Accredited, Nationally Recognised Dog Trainer
  • Certificate lll Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Actively engages in industry conferences and events for ongoing support and knowledge