As a unique service, I can also offer boarding and training in my own home.  Perhaps your dog is already well-trained, and you don’t want anyone to undo all your hard work while you are away? By choosing this option, while you go away on your own holiday, your dog is having an educational holiday in a calm, happy and relaxed environment and will return home a well-behaved dog.

Terms and Conditions for Dog Boarding and Day Care

  • 50% payment of boarding will be paid before boarding commences and the balance before/on pick up
  • I shall ensure that my dog is up to date with current vaccination
  • I agree to provide an adequate amount of food for my dog’s stay
  • I acknowledge that Training The Family Dog is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to my dog, property or any third party and that I am liable to cover any damage caused
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, I hereby permit Training The Family Dog or any representative to authorise any veterinary care deemed necessary and I will be liable for any cost involved
  • Training The Family Dog reserves the right to refuse any dog
  • Training the family Dog reserves the right to alter rates at any time prior to a client’s agreement of rate, (but not after or during commencement of a course)
  • Essentially every dog is different , hence forth, not all tips and methods will be successful with all dogs, and there is no guarantee of expected outcome