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  • Switch off or switch mobile telephones to silent.
  • Do NOT bring your puppy to class if they are sick.  I encourage you to attend without your puppy to cover the course material, if your puppy develops an ongoing sickness please contact me to discuss class options.
  • Classes start on time.
  • Text or email if you are unavailable or late for class.  This will limit disruptions to others in the class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to class, as classes are mostly held at night and some are held outside, please be prepared for the weather.  Enclosed shoes must be worn.
  • No retractable leads or chain leads please.
  • No make up classes are available, should you miss a class.  However, training notes are provided for each class covering the content of the class.
  • Children are welcome to the classes, although there are important safety considerations for the benefit of your child or children, other clients and the dogs in class.

NOTE:  From experience TTFD finds that children under the age of 6 become easily distracted during the class, taking focus away from Training The Family Dog  If your child or children come to class please bring them something to keep them entertained.  They must stay seated with parents or careers.

  • I agree that full payment for the course or one-on-one consultations will be made prior to the commencement date.
  • I shall ensure that my dog is up to date with current vaccination.
  • I acknowledge that Training The Family Dog is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to my dog, property or any third party and that I am liable to cover any damage caused.
  • For safety reasons or the dogs welfare Training The Family Dog reserves the right to refuse any dog before or during a course, a private consult may be recommended or refund for classes not attended.
  • Training the family Dog reserves the right to alter its rates at any time before the commencement date of my dog’s course.
  • Training methods are based upon proven methods, researched theories and scientific models. Essentially every dog is different, therefore, not all tips and methods will be successful with all dogs, and there is no guarantee of expected outcome.
  • In case of emergencies or sickness Training The Family Dog may postpone or cancel classes, in the case of a cancellation a refund will be available.
  • In the case of wet weather, outdoor classes will be postponed, notification via text or email, make up classes will usually be the same time the following week, but may be allocated to another day/time.